How To Lower Your Heating Bills


Save Money By Saving Energy At Home:

There are various different heating systems available, therefore knowing how to save energy at home can be largely dependant on which system you use. Whatever system you have, becoming familiar with your specific heating controls, and then using them properly, is the key to saving energy.

Obviously it’s important that you heat your home to a comfortable standard without being excessive. Why not try experimenting by setting your thermostat to different temperatures. You could try testing it to see whether you can turn your heating down by one degree.reduce-your-heating-bill-700x466

Even a very straightforward measure like this can help to save you money. It’s also important that you use timers efficiently so the heating is on only when it is actually needed.

If you have radiators on an exterior wall of the home, then add reflective panels behind the radiators which will help bounce the heat back into the room.

You should close the curtains as soon as it starts to get dark so that you trap the heat in. Block draughts from under doors by using simple draught excluders.

Keep the door closed which will keep the heat in the room you are using and out of rooms that you aren’t heating.

images444Sometimes knowing how to save energy at home means that we need to change our habits. For example, you might want to start wearing thick sweaters which could allow you to turn down the thermostat. You could light a few candles which would help to make you feel warmer at the sight of an open flame, or even do a little bit of indoor exercise to get your body heat up!

If you are simply looking for cheap and quick ways to Lower Your Heating Bill , then these may not be for you.

However, in terms of ways to save energy at home the most effective way is by insulating to keep the heat inside during the winter. Some of the best measures include replacing your windows, insulating your floors and walls and introducing full draught proofing.

Knowing how to save energy at home to Lower Your Heating Bill means taking an objective look at your habits. Some homes will need lot of work to become energy efficient and although it can be costly, it will save you money in the long run.

Jeremy Hall

Jeremy Hall is the author of Under The Sun and also has contributed to several newspapers in the past. He currently lives in Suwanee with his 2 children.

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